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Free eBook Resources

1.OnlineComputerBooks – contains free PC ebooks, also free ebooks, and free online ebooks and test sections such us IT, Software engineering, Web, Business, Advertising, Mathematics, Physics and Science which are given by publishing companies or writers on their sites distribute news about free PC books, online books, and free digital books – IT, Software engineering, Web, Business, Economy, Maths, Physics, and Science. Provides websites to thousands of ebooks which you can download for a free.

The is without a doubt one of the oldest and ideal capabilities for ebook download sites. This widely wide-spread site for books has a minimal UI, and you’ll most effective discover a search bar with some fundamental filters on the homepage.

2. BookYards – offers more than 20,000 ebooks, and other learning materials including websites’ links, videos, online books’ links, and other libraries.

Content material on Bookyards is very smartly organized into diverse sections like Fiction, Sci-fi fable, Science, Philosophy, business, know-how, and a lot more.

All ebooks on BookYards are available in pdf format. Additionally, the web page displays the size and number of downloads for each booklet on the platform. Finally, its vital to signup for the provider earlier than downloading free ebooks.

3. The Online Books Page – here you can find a lot of free online books, and read them for a free. There are more than 2 million free ebooks on this website.

Offers unlimited ebooks which you can download for Free. You can also subscribe to the site, and will receive updates about news, ebooks, etc. is one among the many most desirable torrent sites for ebooks. the entire ebooks are very neatly organized into diverse categories like expertise & Engineering, Humor, Literary collections, Psychology, faith and a whole lot greater.

4. Baen Free Library – Here you can find both – free books which you can download for a free and also you can buy books from their website.

This is a search engine which offers a lot of free ebooks. These free ebooks you can download for Free. It’s an open large free ebooks directory. Tons of fiction and science books for free!

The remaining web site on the record for downloading free ebooks is BaenLibrary. if you are searching for tutorial ebooks then BaenLibrary will truly provoke you.

BaenLibrary has a clean UI and ebooks are very neatly segregated into distinctive sections like health, company, clinical, Novel, leisure, know-how, picture & Design and much more.

5. Free – on this website you can find various books – children’s books, art & photography books, business & investing books, etc.

These free digital books. Classifications extend from business, art, information technologies, and education. Select the classification fitting to the free ebook you’re searching for.

6. ManyBooks – you can find here many popular books, recommendations, also interesting reviews. There are over than 20000 eBooks available online.

Manybooks was founded in 2004 with the vision to give a library of books in edesign for Free Download. A considerable lot of the early digital books are from the Project Gutenberg documents, which implies you will have the capacity to discover a lot of classic books on the site. Manybooks has developed into a stage where independently publishing writers have the chance to acquaint their work with our locale and new books are transferred to their site day by day – furnished they conform to our quality norms. In their everyday newsletter, they publish updates of the latest free and discounted free eBooks that are accessible online.

7. GetFreeEBooks – free ebooks website. Here you can download for free all available books.

The site that brings the writers and readers into the universe of free digital books. Writers with their digital books will profit significantly from the expansive network of readers and the readers will consequently, obviously, will have bunches of materials to read to their content. It began little, with various ebooks small collection, mostly centered around internet marketing. The subject as a primary concern was excessively explicit and I was certain that free ebooks can be covered in a much broad and greater way.
Today – GreatFreeBooks has Great readers, great authors and most importantly an incredible community. To make a big directory of free legitimate ebooks from different classifications and categories, giving assets and other helpful info for the writers and readers, anything well-related to ebooks. To give tips and resources on how writers and readers can use different devices out there to improve their composition and reading undertakings. You just need to snap and download to begin reading.

8. FreeComputerBooks – on this website you can find tons of Free online Computer, Programming, Mathematics, Engineering, and Technical Books, Tutorials. The ebooks are in catalogues and sub-catalogues.

All of these books, address notes, and so on. on this site are only Hyperlinks to other website pages everywhere throughout the world (like query items in Google). Consequently, everything on this site is 100% Free. This incorporates, yet not constrained to, books, address notes, magazines, white papers, and instructional exercises, and so on. comprises a gigantic gathering of Free online PC, Programming, Science, Designing, and Specialized Books, Address Notes and Instructional exercises. It is exceptionally all around arranged by points, with 13 top-level classes, and more than 200 sub-classifications. It has both example and catchphrases web search tools for you to discover the titles rapidly. The catchphrases internet searcher is controlled by Google. For more inquiries, if it’s not too much trouble perused the Every now and again Made inquiries.

Every one of the books recorded on this site is just connected to different sites everywhere throughout the world, with the exception of not many which we got unique consent from writers or readers. No copyright infringement is inside this site. Truth be told, over 95% of the books recorded in this site are the list items by Google, Yippee,,, and other web crawlers. Whatever is left of the connections were prescribed by perusers like you.

That implies we don’t possess or have any of those books, and in this manner, don’t have any command over them. On the off chance that you have questions identified with those books, similar to their appearance/show, their configurations, download administrations, book buy, and so on., if you don’t mind contact the author(s), (site)owners or readers straightforwardly. For a similar reason, kindly don’t request that we put specific books into this site, except if you are the writer, proprietor or readers of the books.

Note: In the event that you are the proprietor of sites connected Straightforwardly by this site, or writers, proprietors, readers whose books are connected Specifically from this webpage to your sites, and you are not totally happy with the manner in which it is shown, or you don’t care to be connected from this site, it would be ideal if you told us, we will roll outfitting improvements, or evacuate the connections.

Writers or readers are extremely welcome to put connections of their books, address notes, and instructional exercises in this site.

9. FreeTechBooks – on this website you can find tons of free computer, engineering and programming books, ebooks, texts, text-books, documentation, and references, etc.

They don’t host the books and only provide links to the books in PDF or HTML available at the official websites.

10. Scribd – from this website you can download a lot of e-books for free, all books are available only in PDF format. All books on this website were created or uploaded by customers.

Peoples can read with unlimited* book recordings, ebooks, and magazines, accessible whenever and on any gadget for just $8.99 USD/month (first month Free).

It is simple for users to remain educated, find new interests, and turn into their best selves. Scribd’s noteworthy library which has more than one million top of the line and winning books and book recordings from the biggest worldwide publishers, and articles from top magazines and daily papers like The New York Times, The Money Road Diary, and Newsweek. Regardless of what you’re searching for, Scribd is the main reading membership you require.

Best of all, Scribd is an individual library you can have in your pocket. Read right away on your cell phones anyplace! Sign into Scribd from our applications on your iPhone, iPad, Android, or Ignite Fire or access on other cell phones to get to a huge number of titles wherever at whatever point you need. You can spare your top choices, make collections, bookmark titles, and make the library you’ve been longing for.

In case you’re a writer hoping to distribute your work on Scribd, you’ll be putting your work on a site with 80 million users around the world. What’s more, our change innovation makes it simple for somebody to change over any book or text work into a lovely website page or cell experience


A unique epublishing site that offers free e-books downloads as well. Covers fiction and non-fiction titles. Provides itself for providing a real e-book download service and not just links to ebooks site.

12. Project Gutenberg – There is a leader free e-books web library. Here you can find few millions of free downloadable e-books. Also, you can help voluntarily to the website.

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